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Think of something awesome for your home and let us create it.

In 1862 the Homestead Act gave settlers the means to settle the plains. People saw the opportunity in free land and took full advantage.  The only problem was the lack of trees to help enclose the land.  The settlers soon found a layer of rock close to the surface and began cutting it into posts for fencing.  Shortly after the these stone posts dominated the landscape.

Now days the stone posts are becoming a part of Kansas history. Although you can still see these historical landmarks holding up fence, most have been replaced more economical steel post. 

Here at Precision Stonework we are bringing back some of Kansas history. Although these rocks are not holding up barbed wire fence anymore, they have a new usefulness.  

These monuments looks amazing in front of a house or business.   

Precision Stone Work has been around for many years.  What started as a hobby has turned into a full time career.  Our  goal is to take your ideas and combine them with our experience and create something awesome for your home or business

Here at Precision Stonework, we love creativity.  You think it and we chisel it in stone.

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